Five new and unique musical collaborations funded by Arts Council Wales sustainability grant, created and curated by musician, luthier, producer and promoter – Gerard KilBride.

Each pairing moves along a chain to create new music and collaborations.


5. Gerard KilBride and Sam Humphreys, aka Shamoniks

Sam’s introduction in Welsh

and English

Ap Huw 2 


4. Shamoniks and Tumi Williams aka Skunkadelic.

Tumi’s Introduction

Blood Red Dove



3. Skunkadelic and Joe Beardwood aka Mesijo

Joe’s introduction


No Time



2. Mesijo and Efa Supertramp

Efa’s Introduction in English

and Welsh




1. Efa Supertramp and Cerys Havanna with Nick Ronin

Cerys’s Introduction




Links : Gerard KilBride- Soundcloud, Webpage